Now you can achieve the casting distance without sacrificing the bite sensitivity!

Rocket Bobber Features – Greater Accuracy, Visibility, Versatility, and Casting Distance

Here are the features of the best all around fishing bobber on the market to date:

  • Casting Distance
    Due to the aerodynamic design and weight chamber the Rocket Bobber allows the angler average casting distances of 30 to 40 yards without having to add additional weight. This is great from shore or boat. Gets your bait out to where the fish are!
  • Accuracy
    The Rocket Bobber is designed to fly tip first (like a rocket) allowing the angler to target a specific area. Works great on windy days.
  • Visibility
    The Rocket Bobber comes in two colors, orange top for sunny days and a yellow top for cloudy days. Both have a matte finish which reduces glare.
  • Sensitivity
    When fishing for panfish the Rocket Bobber is designed to lay flat. As the fish inhales the bait the bobber begins to stand up “set the hook!’ Can be fished in the vertical position by simply adding weight or jig to your line.
  • Versatility
    The Rocket Bobber can be used as a lock on or slip bobber with no line cutting needed. Simply depress the end cap and turn 180 degrees to desired setting.
  • Durability
    The Rocket Bobber is made of a hard plastic material. The two halves are sonic welded (not glued) for maximum strength. This is great when accidentally stepping on or casting into rocks or other structures.
  • Hook Remover
    The Rocket Bobber has a hook remover located on the tip of the bobber. This works great for the toothless predator.

Best bobber ever!

Well its about time cabalas got these in. Anyway these are by far some of the best bobbers ive ever used. First of you can cast them farther then any other bobber ive used. Second these bobbers are the only bobber ive seen that can detect the lightest bites from fish, the key is to wrap your line around the small metal loop of the bobber twice then close it, use NO split shot and a small ice fishing jig for a hook, put bait on and your ready to go. For crappie do the same thing as previsly said to the bobber but add a very small split shot and a small hook. With this rig you cant go wrong if they hit it you got them. What makes this bobber different is when used how i said it lays on its side and as the fish picks it up the smallest amount of weight moves the top of the bobber out the water. If it starts to move up set the hook and there you go fish on =) good luck and hope this helps everybody get the most out of there rocket bobbers. The bobbers also come in two sizes and glow in the dark models so cabelas if you dont have the glow in the dark ones you should get them.

– Multispeciestamer from Michigan