How to catch spawning crappies with a bobber identifies location, water temperatures and offers a simple, though effective way to catch these fish.

As spring approaches crappie begin the transition from deep water to shallow back bays. Typically areas located on the north end of the lake warm first. When water temperatures reach the low to mid 50’s these fish are in. Once in these bays look for fallen trees, brush piles, old vegetation or stumps on or near the shoreline. As the daylight sun continues to warm surface water, these fish will move tight to shoreline structure. An ultra-light rod and reel spooled with 6lb test, #6 long shanked hook tipped with a crappie minnow and a Rocket Bobber is hard to beat. When hooking the minnow slide the hook just under the top fin. Set the bobber at or near three foot. This gives the minnow enough freedom to swim and entice the crappie. The Rocket Bobber allows casting distances of 30 to 40 yards with pin-point accuracy. It is designed to lay flat until the fish takes the bait. When the bobber begins to stand up set the hook. The #6 long shanked hooks allow for easy removal. Year after year crappies return to these same spawning areas. Make a note of these locations and you will guarantee success for future outings. As spring progresses to summer these fish will again relocate. Pan fish tips and videos will follow this progression in an upcoming video. Good luck fishing!