Crappie action using the Rocket Bobber highlights the various benefits offered by this line of bobbers.

Never in the history of pan fish bobber/float manufacturing has there been a product line quite like the Rocket Bobber. It would take a whole tackle box full of various bobbers/floats to match the features this one bobber incorporates. It truly has elevated bobber fishing to a new level. Due to the aerodynamic design and weight chamber average casting distances of 30 to 40 yards can be achieved. Whether fishing from shore or boat you are sure to get your bait out to where the fish are. Unlike typical weighted floats that utilize a lead ring for weight, the Rocket Bobber has a built in weight chamber that is lead free. At the same time the aerodynamic design offers pin point casting accuracy. This is important when targeting small openings, fallen timber or brush piles. The sensitivity of the Rocket bobber is beyond belief. It is designed to lay flat when using light weight pan fish bait presentations. When the fish inhales the bait the bobber will begin to stand up. That’s when you can set the hook. Fish do not like pressure, especially the larger ones. So many times with ordinary bobbers/floats the bite goes undetected because the fish felt the resistance and simply blew the bait out. Many of the small bobbers/floats on the market say “super sensitive”. Not one offers the super sensitivity combined with long casting distances. That is what sets the Rocket Bobber apart from other super sensitive bobbers/floats. When it comes to visibility the matte finish reduces glare and is very easy to see from long distances. Another feature is the versatility of the Rocket Bobber. It can be utilized as either a fixed “lock on” or slip bobber by simply depressing and rotating the end cap to the desired setting. There is no line cutting needed for this conversion. Manufactured using the highest grade plastic material, the two halves are sonic welded, not glued making the bobber virtually indestructible. On both the game fish and pan fish series there is a built in hook remover located on the tip. With so many features incorporated into this product, the Rocket Bobber by far is the ultimate pan fish bobber. Pan fish tips and videos will take a closer look at the Rocket Bobber and its applications in upcoming videos. Good luck fishing!